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SCC at Harbour of Science and Humanities

SCC 2019 is organized by the Information Technology Society (ITG) of the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE). SCC aims at bridging the gap between theory, applications and various communities in the field of communications. Therefore, we encourage contributions from both academia and industry, theoretical work as well as applied research in various fields of communications.


„Harbour of Science and Humanities“ – in 2019 the University of Rostock being the oldest university in the Baltic Sea region celebrates its 600th anniversary. We are pleased to host SCC in 2019 and to present this special harbour with all its wonderful facets. True to the motto “Traditio et Innovatio”, the University of Rostock has been steadily developing. Today, it consists of nine faculties and the Interdisciplinary Faculty interlinking researchers and students from all specializations. We would like to celebrate the anniversary year 2019 together with you and cordially invite you not to miss this unique opportunity.

University of Rostock - Main building

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