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How to reach us

The SCC conference will be held at the main building of the University of Rostock, located in the historic center of the Hanseatic City. You can travel to Rostock by plane, train, bus, car or even by ship and use Rostock's versatile public transport to explore the city and get to your accommodation or the conference venue.

By plane

The nearby regional airport Rostock-Laage features flights to Munich as well as a few destinations around europe. The shuttle bus number 127 (operated by regional bus company "rebus") brings you to the city of Rostock and back.

The closest larger airports are Hamburg and Berlin (Schönefeld, Tegel), both offering a wide choice of national and international destinations. The onward journey to Rostock can then be made by train.

By train

Being the largest city of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rostock is easily accessible by train. Further information and booking are provided by Deutsche Bahn.

By intercity bus

Direct routes to many German (and European) cities are offered by intercity bus services, most of them operated by Flixbus. The central bus terminal (ZOB) is situated in direct proximity to the main station (Hauptbahnhof), providing access to public transport.

By car

Rostock is located near the junction of motorways (Autobahn) A19 and A20, connecting the city in the south to Berlin, in the west to Lübeck and Hamburg and in the east to Stralsund, the island of Rügen and Szczecin in Poland.

For orientation and navigation to the conference venue, online map services like Google Maps or Bing Maps allow for a convenient way to plan your trip.

By ferry

Coming from Scandinavia, you can visit Rostock by crossing the Baltic Sea with one of the ferry lines serving the Port of Rostock:

You can use public transport to get from the port to the city.

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Exploring the city by public transport

Rostock features an extensive public transport network, consisting of an suburban train (S-Bahn) and a number of tram (Strassenbahn) and bus lines. Many of them meet at the main station (Hauptbahnhof), others at one of numerous interchanges scattered across the city (get a route map here). They all share the same ticket, which can be bought at suburban train stations or inside most trams and busses and is available as a single or season ticket. (Please note that tickets you buy inside vehicles are already validated, while tickets bought from ticket machines need to be stamped before they become valid.)

The RostockCARD combines a 24h/48h ticket with discounts for many cultural offers and other benefits throughout Rostock.

Two night bus (Fledermaus) lines F1 and F2 with interchange point "Saarplatz" ensure mobility around the clock.

Getting to the conference venue

Closest to the main building of the University of Rostock lies the tram stop "Lange Straße". It's frequently served by tram lines 1, 4, 5 and 6 as well as night bus F1, covering large parts of the city.

Coming from tram stop "Lange Straße", you can follow the street "Breite Straße" south until you reach the square "Universitätsplatz" at the fountain "Brunnen der Lebensfreude". Turn right and your are already facing the main building of the University of Rostock.

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